Setting Up OSX in VirtualBox on OSX Host

Setting up OSX on OSX itself might seem a little odd. But it’s a great way to try out new software (such as I do for our sister site which reviews MacOS/OSX software at without trashing your every day system. Especially if some of the software installs new drivers or system level stuff (such

Screen Tearing using Google Chrome and NetfliXBMC [SOLVED]

Suffering with screen tearing (and/or flickery pictures) when watching movies in Google Chrome using Kodi NetfliXBMC plugin on Ubuntu? This article shows you how to fix it easily.

Easiest Way To Make Money Online

This article will show you the easiest, most successful way to make money online. I use this method and generate a good bit of extra income as a result.

TV in Every Room, wirelessly

If you’ve got kids, or want a TV in the bedroom but don’t want to have to run new aerial cables through the roof, this article might just be able to help. How would you like to have access to your terrestrial TV, Recorded Programs, Movies, Music, Music Videos etc in every room where there

Samsung Smart TV with Networked Plex Server

My mother in law has a fairly large collection of movies and a number of TV Series which she stores on an external hard drive on her iMac in her ‘study’ room. She then has two Samsung Smart TVs which I had previously hooked up to the network (since they can access the Internet and

Linux / Mythbuntu tweaks to improve LeadTek DTV2000DS reliability

I’ve been using Mythbuntu with XBMC since Frodo was released – and before that I was using Windows Vista Media Center with the Leadtek DTV2000DS dual tuner DVB-T card. Under Windows the card is pretty reliable, but Windows Media Center just wasn’t configurable enough for my liking, so I preferred XBMC. Of course, XBMC requires


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